What is the situation in Arizona?

Arizona currently serves about 14,000 children in our Foster Care System. Reasons for removal vary from homelessness, abuse, neglect, and the lack of basic resources to care for the family.

Who is Thrive's main target that they reach?

Our main goal is to serve the biological families who have been separated or are in fear of being separated due to the lack of basic resources to care for the family. In addition, we serve the Aged Out youth population in need of assistance.

How do families get help?

A caseworker through the Department of Child Safety or another agency (Terros, Casey Family, Friendly House, etc) must submit an Agency Referral Form. We will reach out to families from those referrals. CLICK HERE to access the referral from. 

How can people volunteer?

We are a volunteer driven organization, and we need you! CLICK HERE to go to our Volunteer page. 

What are your greatest needs?

Financial Support is key to enabling us to serve even more Arizona Families. Diapers, toilet paper, children's clothing, new baby formula, and baby toys are always a need for our families.  If you have these items, CLICK HERE to make arrangements for the donation. 

Do you pick up?

Yes. If you have items to donate, CLICK HERE to make arrangements for the donation.