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Are YOU ready

to make a difference?


Partner with us! You will be making a difference in the lives of young adults and families.

As you serve with us, we will walk with you to make sure that you understand how your contribution of time, effort and energy help us to do all that we believe God has
called us to do.

Volunteer Opportunities


Thrive AZ Main Campus


  • Accept donations

  • Inspect gently used donations

  • Clean and sanitize gentle used donations

  • Organize donations

  • Unpack and organize new items

  • Pack totes for deliveries and/or pick up


  • Attention to details, organizational skills

Time: Monday-Thursday 9:00-3:00

Deliveries & Pick-Ups

Phoenix Metro Area


  • Load and unloading of items

  • Use of personal car to deliver small items to families


  • Ability to lift 50 lbs.

  • Use of personal car to deliver small items to families

Time:  Monday-Thursday 8:00-Noon and 1:00-3:00


Thrive AZ Main Campus and Thrift Store


  • Pull weeds

  • spray for weeds

  • blow driveway


  • Bring own tools, gloves and protective gear

Time:  Thrift Store- Tuesday -Saturday 9:30-5:30

 Monday-Thursday 9:00-3:00

Supporting Aged Out Youth

Thrive AZ Main Campus


  • Prepare rooms/apartments to be move in ready for young adults

  • Clean rooms/apartments when a young adult moves out and prep for next resident

  • Run a class or event for aged our young adults

  • Transport young adults to job interviews, grocery shopping, etc.


  • Cleaning ability, organizational skills

Time: Monday-Thursday 9:00-3:00

Office Support

Thrive AZ Main Campus


  • Sit at our front desk, helping to direct clients and guests to their appropriate meetings


  • Welcoming attitude

Time:  Monday-Thursday 9:00-3:00

Life Skills

Thrive AZ Main Campus


  • Bible Study

  • Life Skills seminars

  • Personal health and wellness seminars

  • Job Skills seminars


  • Relevant skills in communication

Time: Afternoons and evenings

Special Events

Locations May Vary


Assist with special events such as:

  • Back to School Drive — Last two weeks of July

  • Christmas – First week in December

  • Birthday Celebrations – Monthly


  • Willingness to set up and assist as needed

Time: Time will vary based on project

Thrive AZ runs on the help of volunteers! We are so thankful for faithful and committed people who help in our every day operations and events! Please read to the bottom of the page for our volunteer application.

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