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Thrift to Thrive is Thrive AZ’s thrift store, and it’s a great way to help families in need! All proceeds from Thrift to Thrive benefit Thrive AZ’s Safe Sleep program that provide beds to children and youth in need.


 We always need help in the thrift shop! If you're looking to volunteer at Thrive AZ, we might have the perfect place for you if you're interested in... 

Testing Electronics

This is for those who have a keen eye for function and relevant.


This is for the treasure hunter! The one able to find the gem in a single box. 

Organizing & Cleaning 

This is for the one who likes organizing, cleaning, and getting things in order. 


Sorting, sizing, hanging, and folding clothing. This is for the one that has an eye for fashion AND/OR the one who likes to organize closets. 

Taking Photos

This is for the one who likes to take photos that can be used on our social media.

Staging Furniture

This is for the one that likes to decorate, redecorate, and stage the store.

Not only is it a great shopping destination, but Thrift to Thrive is another donation drop off point for Thrive AZ. Donations are accepted on days of business until 5pm.

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Hours of operation:



10:00am - 5:00pm


2205 E Eugie Terrace

Phoenix, AZ 85022

United States